Referral Program

  • Earn the highest commissions on referralsGet up to 10% Referral commission
  • We move forward in a team. 99galaxy believes in sharing the profit with the usersBy giving reference you become eligible to earn commission of all the buying/selling transaction done by your referred user. Sounds great..? 99galaxy does not only gives commission for a referred student but also for a referred tutor, a one of kind function, this means if a person referred by you joins 99galaxy as a tutor and posts tutorials or solves any query, you get commission from his earning. Thus you have created for yourself a life time earning source just by referring few people.. sounds even more amazing? So do it fast before someone else refers your friends..
  • Terms and conditions for referral
  • For hassle free use of referral program kindly observe
    1.) You can earn commission only from the buying and selling transaction of the referred user. For example:- if you refer a user X to the site and user X refers a user Y, in this case you will be eligible of commission only for the transactions of user X and user X will be eligible of commission only for the transactions of user Y.
    2.) You and your referred user should not log in from same machine. 99galaxy has an automated system under which it allows only one user from an ip address.
    3.) We do not provide commission for disabled user.
    4.) In a case where your referred user requests for a refund in any transaction, the commission earned by you is automatically reversed.
    5.) No user is eligible of commission for any answer acquired by 99galaxy's Protection Status HomeAbout usReferral ProgramContact usFeeTerms & conditionPrivacy PolicyFAQ