Comparing First-movers in Technology
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Posted date       : 15 Feb 2015
Due date           : 17 Feb 2015


From the first and second e-Activities, analyze the key ways in which Intel and Microsoft capitalized on and reaped substantial first-mover advantages in pioneering new technologies. Provide a rationale to support your response. From the first and second e-Activities, compare Intel’s and Microsoft’s strategies in terms of their ability to profit from innovation. Next, analyze the manner in which shifts in new technologies revolutionized the structure of the industry, increasing profitability and growth through global expansion. Provide a rationale to support your response.

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Answered On       : 16 Feb 2015

In recent business world first mover is a company strive to be the first in that particular industry to develop a innovative product that is required to be in high demand by consumers (Gawer Annabelle & Michael Cusumano, 2002).In today’s technology industry Intel and Microsoft are perhaps best well known and highly complementary companies and have been able to make products that hypnotize the whole world’s consumers attention.

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