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Posted date       : 3 Apr 2015
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Part 1 New employees of a health clinic do not feel that they have anyone to ask questions. This is due to the heavy workload. Need to find out if more senior employees would be open to mentoring the employees who have been on board less than 12 months.400–600 words Respond to the questions below and give ideas and make comments to do. Need to include some examples to reinforce these ideas. You arrange a meeting of all of the employees that have been with the company more than 1 year. Outline 3 full paragraphs or more how it will be presented in the mentoring program and what benefits it will have in the harmonious work environment. Be creative! Part 2 A new clinic is opening and it has many new employees throughout the organization. Create a presentation on the following material for new employees. Write essay of 500–700 words by addressing the following questions: Explain 3 different kinds of health plans. Choose 3 kinds of payments that may be rendered for services Explain why it is important for patients and the health of the organization to correctly use and apply insurance, including verification of benefits. Explain why coding properly is important to the organization and the patient. Explain what is found in CPT coding, ICD coding, and in the HCPCS. Explain what an EOB is. Explain to new employees of the new clinic at least 2 other important insurance terms, such as the birthday rule, assignment of benefits, clean claims, coordination of benefits, balanced billing, and so on.

PART 1 and PART 2 answer
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The range of health services covered varies in HMOs, so it is important to compare available HMO plans. Some services, such as outpatient mental health care, often are provided only on a limited basis.

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