Microbiology Disease Emergence and Re-emergence Analysis
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Posted date       : 19 Feb 2015
Due date           : 27 Feb 2015


Creating Disease Emergence and Re-emergence Analysis Sheet Analyze the causes of emergence and re-emergence of the Chlamy dia infectious disease. Compare present causes of emergence with past causes. Evaluate the similarities and differences between the two and look for obvious patterns. Draw relevant conclusions from your analysis and create a four-to-five page report of your findings.

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Microbiology Disease Emergence
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Answered On       : 19 Feb 2015

               Fundamental research underlies almost everything we do in studying and responding to infectious diseases. From understanding pathogenesis, virulence factors, patterns of transmission, and host susceptibility to developing new technologies and countermeasures such as vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics, basic research is an essential component of the enterprise.

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