Press Release Assignment
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Posted date       : 13 Mar 2017
Due date           : 15 Mar 2017


Assignment You are to assume the role of the Public Relations Manager or Director of Marketing in an existing organization. Prepare a news release announcing an event sponsorship linked to a social cause. The content is to be fiction. Be reasonable. Be creative! You may not choose any of the organizations that have already written about or selected by teams for the final project. Include: facts about the social cause and the event, the reasons why your organization has chosen undertake the initiative and why this is news worthy (this may include celebrities/high-profile spokespersons who support the cause and will be attending the event and what will make the sponsorship/event unique). You will strengthen your rational for this by including quotes from your CEO and a representative from the organization with whom you are partnering. Format Guidelines: 1 – 1 ½ pages maximum, Times Roman12-point font, double-spaced The news release should conform to the format outlined in class, which include (but are not limited to): • Contact information (top of 1st page) name, address, tel. #, e-mail of release writer • Headlines • Release date and place • The “Lead”, which answers the questions Who, What, When, Where, Why and sometimes How, should be at the beginning of the release---1st paragraph. • Additional paragraphs of pertinent information (adhere to the inverted pyramid guidelines) • Boilerplate - may be “cut and pasted” from company’s website Rules of the Road Note: Other than for the boilerplate, do not “cut and paste” content from the company’s website

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